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  2. The owner of a vehicle received a parking ticket from smart parking and asked me to deal with it as i was the driver, i disputed this as i believed i had entered one wrong digit. Smart parking claim they rejected my appeal by letter that i did not receive but then started contacting me by email to refuse to give me any more information, they then passed the debt on to DRP then zenith and now finally CST law have sent a LBC to my address i have not acknowledged any of the letters as they are addressed to Mrs and i am Mr. I have now sent smart parking a SAR and received back the results in whic
  3. send your contact a lloyds a stern letter including copies of the moorcroft letters. tell them unless these letters cease totally and moorcroft is totally removed from the picture, you will be raising a complaint of contempt of court by LLoyds to the judge that the agreed the variation order. state they have 14 days to reply, else you will contact the court and raise the claim against lloyds without further notification.
  4. Hi I am looking to send a letter before action to Hermes following the loss of two items from packages that were tampered and the items stolen before they reached the recipients. The two items were sold on ebay and dropped off at the parcel shop to be delivered by Packlink and Hermes on the same day with the same 8-digit ticket barcode: First item (BOSS ME-25 guitar pedal) sold for £63, including postage with standard cover (up to £25): 15/05 - item dropped off at parcelshop, in orginal box with padding, inside a secured delivery bag 19/05 - item arrive
  5. hi all i haven't been here for a while still having crap with these people sometime in 2019 had another letter want to review your account, sent them a nice letter explaining that this was being paid through the courts and not to contact me again as i was going through cancer i did not need the stress then in dec 2019 then i got a call from a lady from lloyds about the complaint i had raised i told her that i do not want any more calls because off all the stress i was under with my treatment, she said she was going to make a note to say i was receiving treatment fo
  6. no you don't, you don't owe anything discounted or not, or even when it gets the unicorn food tax added. lots of PCN threads here to read the more you read the stronger we become.
  7. What happens then please as it is obviously after the 14 day period for payment at the lower rate. Also do you recommend that we contact the company direct to tell them what their staff are doing. Thank you. Your help is appreciated.
  8. Hi hope this is the right forum i have a faulty Samsung tv (purple patches on screen) that was 4 years old when I fist contacted ao.com in January. I’ve been waiting until after lockdown to get an engineers report to confirm that it’s an inherent fault. Unfortunately I can’t get an engineer to do a report (one said because it’s a 65” screen he could do more damage) but did confirm in an email that it’s a common issue that he’s seen many times. AO are still insisting that I get a paper report that is Vat registered ...what can I do? thanks
  9. I've had a further think about this – and I'm afraid that I suddenly realise that I'm wrong on the amount of money that you could claim from SSE. The reason for this is that you don't have any contract with them. The only claim against them is in negligence. In negligence, damages are only available for actual loss and am afraid that distress and inconvenience is not something that is generally recognised. On this basis I tend to think that £750 is probably as much as you could expect – and in fact if you sued them, you could end up with less or even nothing at all – simply because t
  10. January 2019 I purchased from an online car auction a car written off category NS. I was unaware that the car had to be classified as being on a SORN once the TAX had ran out and it remained on my drive until I had the funds to repair it which was done last year in August 2020. Unfortunately, whilst the car was with a Mechanic for a quotation which required it to be towed to a couple of them for the estimates to be obtained, it must've been picked up by a police ANPR camera. I say this as I have never received an answer to my question of where it was and at what time as i
  11. It basically means that the court is saying that the case is suitable to be heard simply on the papers – and that means that there will be no representations from either side other than what has been submitted on paper and the court make a decision based on the documents before it at the time. This would allow you to submit further documents – such as a reply to the defence – and for the judge to make the decision based on that. Personally I think a remote hearing is probably a better idea but let's think about it.
  12. We have a development and I'm afraid I don't have the specialist knowledge to know quite what it means,so some help untangling the legalese to work out what it's saying and what the next move is would be muchly appreciated: I have received a General Form of Judgment or Order from Exeter County Court stating: 'The court noting: *The Guidance of the Lord Chief Justice dated 23rd March 2020 paragraph 6 that hearings requiring the physical presence of parties(the claimant/defendant etc.) and their representatives and others should only take place if a remote hearing is
  13. Okay. I understand. See if you can send the SARs off this evening or tomorrow morning – and then you will have time to sort yourself out and to take stock. The SARs would be a good idea. Simply send them off to some suitable email address SSE - subject.access.requests@sseenergyservices.com Bulb - dpo@bulb.co.uk. Say who you are, address, account number or any other reference number which you will get from the emails
  14. OK thanks again dx
  15. No, absolutely not, she was my soulmate and my child and I would be insulting her memory to be replacing her less than a month after her death. Maybe years in the future but not for a long time. Thank you I will try to look at emails over the weekend but quite frankly its hard enough getting out of bed at all right now.
  16. Well I'm afraid that we need to know about the dog and the shelter because it will help us build our case for a better settlement. Also, although you may still be feeling very depressed about your dog, do you think that you could take another one?
  17. Ok Thank you, my keyboard is rubbish and its hard to type at all so I mainly just check for missing letters. I will think everything over, and have a look at my emails. Wood green are an animal shelter, I have many emails from them before I agreed to give up my dog, the contact and a witness to my handing her over when I made them promise again. But Wood green is a separate thing, I really can't even think about Chloe right now as it's too upsetting.
  18. Please note I've had to restructure your post again. It would be terribly helpful if you could do this yourself. Don't worry about what Bulb say. Also, you won't have to contact the ombudsman. As long as you are prepared to bring a court action then I'm sure we can up the offer. What we need are two lists. We need a list of the dates of communications or attempted communications with Bulb – and we need a list of the dates of communications or attempted communications with SSE You say that you made the dog over to "Wood Green". I have no idea what that is except that it is a
  19. I made her over to wood green with the condition I was told before should they put her to sleep, would have the option to take her back and it would be the last resort. She went in with a full bill of clean health from 3 months prior. They emailed me and told me they put her to sleep after they did it so I wasn't even able to be there. I am trying to get he medical records as they have been very vague and I have become suspicious some sort of accident occurred.
  20. We've had a reply to the offer of £5 repayments from Link.. Please see attached. Does it require any action? Link-Lettter-14-May.pdf We've also had a response from MBNA on the SAR. They've only sent statements from 2011 onwards for my Mother which is missing 3 years worth of entries. Should we take any further action on this or will they have been deleted?
  21. Thank you, bulb have said they won't budge and its my fault for not ringing them, even though they've been informed literally tens of times I cannot use a phone. They've said 30 or nothing and I'll have to contact ombudsman. The problem with the emails is hotmail seems to have jammed them into one gigantic email, filled with their disclaimers etc, and it's a complete mess at this point. I tried to open new threads but they just add it back to the old one. I did tell them they have caused me serious mental and physical distress and I lost my dog due to their mistake.
  22. I forgot to ask – who did you leave the dog with? Did you actually make the dog over to some rehoming organisation and whether any conditions attached? You say that this organisation breach of trust.
  23. Firstly, can you please notice that I've restructured your post above in order to make it readable. When people post a solid block of text, it becomes very difficult to deal with especially when people are using a small screen such as a telephone. I've introduced spacing but couldn't do much about the punctuation. I still don't really understand what the fault is or where the rust is – or how the rust can apparently have affected the electrical connection. However, you have said that you looked at the old head unit – I don't know what that is – and found it wasn't sealed properly.
  24. The SAR is free. I think it's important to send them off. You might even find that there is a link on the site of SSE and also of Bulb which will allow you to do it directly. However, I think it will be helpful to know what they've got on you. It won't do any harm. There is no downside. I suggest that you get it going straight away and let us know that you've done this. I can understand that you are stressed about it all but maybe this weekend you could gently go through your collection of emails and assemble them in date order. If you can get these kind of things in order, you will
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