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  2. Upload this document Customer service Paid by bank transfer
  3. This is another test thread
  4. Upload Customer services guide
  5. http://cagtest.co.uk/parcel_delivery/test.html http://cagtest.co.uk/parcel_delivery/
  6. Can you please just clarify one thing – was the lost item sent by you or intended to be received by you?
  7. So I sent the form off last Friday. When am I likely to get a reply, if any?
  8. That all sounds very decent and noble – but the people are paid by John Lewis to carry the message and to promote the attitude which you are having to deal with and which is causing you all of these problems, using up scarce public resources in the County Court and also taken up our time as a volunteer advice group. If these people's names are known they will then think a little bit more about what they are doing and maybe they will speak their line managers and maybe somebody will feel sufficiently uncomfortable to reflect on the way they are treating you and other customers. I'm afraid that protecting these frontline staff in this way simply protects management who prefer to hide behind the skirts of customer-facing fodder, and provides no encouragement or motivation to change anything. I'm quite sure that you know people who go to a restaurant, get an unsatisfactory meal or unsatisfactory service and still leave a tip when they leave. I'm sure you know people who go to a restaurant, get an unsatisfactory meal or unsatisfactory service and still pay the 10% or 15% "optional" service charge which is added to the bill because they are simply too embarrassed to quibble. It's up to you but you aren't helping anybody – and in fact you are causing problems for the majority.
  9. Thank you. Yes as soon as you get the date then please let us know. In the meantime, if you have done your reading you will know that one of our Caggers won a case precisely on the issue of third party rights. We have been trying to get a transcript for some time but there seems to be some difficulty. If you would be prepared to apply for the transcript on your own behalf then we would reimburse you if you succeeded. If you're happy to do that then please let me know and I will send the information needed to you at your email address. Additionally, someone managed to find some interesting documents about Packlink's relationship to the delivery agents that they are working for. I will try to get you the link to that thread – but you would probably find if you had a look for yourself. I think it would be very useful for you if you had a very close look around the EVRi website and also the Packlink website in order to discover information about how they view their relationship. In the DPD one – I think it was DPD (if not it was UPS) on this site, our Cagger @StoneCross found some interesting references where it seemed that the arrangement between Packlink and DPD was that DPD would actually be responsible and their contract was directly with the sender. It's a been involved in I haven't checked it out very fully yet – but maybe you could look around for this.
  10. Hi. It's a shame you didn't keep us updated, @Ell-enncould at least have helped you to prepare. Hopefully she'll see this and advise you. HB
  11. as that site states... Your tenancy agreement is the contract you sign when you move in. It should say how much warning you need to give your landlord.
  12. i think you need too now, thats as clear as mud! throw the morality card out the window...
  13. I don't know if it's actually 2 Months Notice we've to give him. As it states in the Agreement. It's trying to figure out if it's 2 Months on the agreement or the 28 days stated elsewhere. Don't fancy paying 2 months rent for old place. we get somewhere new.
  14. How to end your tenancy - Shelter Scotland SCOTLAND.SHELTER.ORG.UK To end your tenancy, you must give your landlord enough notice in writing. Work out how much notice you should give and use this letter template to...
  15. There is no actual proof of us either signing a physical agreement or electronically signing it. We can't prove anything but neither can they!
  16. Hi. I hope this version is redacted properly. I'm not sure how you determine this but tried to follow the guidance given. If ok, can this be uploaded to post #120 and previous one removed. Thanks for the advice, again. Notice of Hearing 10 July 2023.pdf
  17. Hello We are looking to move and and are applying for different properties. I've seen the current Tenancy Agreement for this place and it says we must give the Current Landlord 2 Months notice. Is this correct? We currently live in Scotland and they say 28 days notice but the Tenancy Agreement says otherwise. Many Thanks
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